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Frozen Food freshly prepared & delivered frozen!

Frozen Food preparation of Boring Samosas is a multi-step process that involves procurement, sorting of ingredients, blending the spices, herbs, vegetables or meats and then wrapping of the SAMOSA's. Sounds simple yes but highly complex to ensure consistency of taste, texture, size, crispiness and feel. It must be the same each time and that is no easy feat! 

Once prepared they are dried and then sent straight into the freezer to get icy cold. they stay there overnight and then are packed first thing in the morning and put in our white pouches, sealed and readied for delivery. As the orders come in they are put into your boxes by our staff, labelled, and given to our delivery team. 

Now comes the hard part! Deliveries are sorted for various parts of the city, sent to a combination of our riders and delivery partners who have dry ice to ensure the product stays cool during transit. 

On arrival we tell our customers to place in freezer for 30 mins before frying to eat them. They can last upto 45 days in the freezer where the taste is retained!

All our staff wears gloves, face masks, headcaps, kitchen is sanitised daily, and we ensure all safety precautions are taken. 


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