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 1.What is Boring Foods ?
“Boring Foods” was created to make frozen food fun again.We focus on bite sized food (Frozen Samosa, Spring Rolls, Momos, Gourmet Meals) , prepared using our special wraps, fun sauces and secret family recipe’s- that have become a local favourite. We use only the highest quality ingredients, no artificial flavors and enclose them beautifully in colourful pop-art style packaging. Our mission to allow you to  spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life!

 2.Are all your meals frozen?

Freezing allows us to prepare your meals as you would at home, with no need to add preservatives or artificial flavors to extend the shelf life. Freshly frozen within minutes to preserve taste.

 3.How do I cook this ?

Our Frozen Bites ( Samosa and Spring Rolls ) can be air-fried with / without oil or shallow fried. Our Frozen Meals are meant to be cooked and simmered with or without adding water. For detailed instructions please visit the products page and click on cooking instruction. 

4.Where can I find nutritional info about my meal?
The nutritional information is available on the back of the pack as well as the images on the product page. The ingredients we use are also listed on the 'description' section of the product. Allergens are listed in bold on the ingredients list on your meal.

5.Where can I buy Boring Foods products?
We are now selling online on our website and on delivery platforms Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo. We will be available on hoipure, big basket, 24*7, and meatigo soon.

 6.Where can I find allergen information?
You can find out allergen information about each dish here on our shop/product page. Select the product you are interested in and read allergens in bold on the ingredients list. 

 7.What is the difference between Frozen Food and Fresh Meals ?
For our frozen food, we carefully place each food item in our special zip-lock pouch bags and then proceed to freeze under controlled conditions in our Kitchen. When you place an order these are sent to be placed in the final box and delivered directly to you fresh and frozen! Upon arrival kindly place in your freezer for 30 mins before consuming. 

8.What are the ingredients in Boring Foods ?

Boring foods contain handpicked high quality, fresh ingredients cooked diligently to produce high quality products. Our foods do not contain any preservatives or additives.

9.Is the product to be eaten now or later?

Boring products have a shelf life of 90 days from the date of manufacturing. Our frozen technique maximises food shelf life while preserving all the good nutrients, flavours, aroma and texture. They can be eaten all together or in small quantities. Keep items frozen at all times. 

10.Should the product be stored at a specific temperature ?
Our packaging is is designed to protect the foods quality and protect it from damage, humidity, and air pressure. We would like you to simply put our Frozen product in your freezer and store at below 0'C to ensure best results.

 11.What is the quantity in each product ?
The net weight varies as per the filling and additional information is available on the product page. Our frozen bites come in sizes of 12/24 pieces per box (approx values / grams differ according to product)

 12.What are the modes of payment available ?

Payment can be made online via Debit Card, Credit Card, NetBanking. We use Razorpay, PayuMoney and Paytm as our payment gateways. Cash on delivery and UPI is also available. Our delivery executives will have the information available for UPI payments.

13.What is your delivery timeframe ?
In NCR our frozen products are delivered next business day.
Currently we are only delivering in NCR region - other regions will follow soon.

 14.What if I receive a tampered or a damaged product ?

We will arrange for a replacement once you notify us. Kindly do so within 2 hours of the product being received. We will ask you to furnish us with pictures of the boxes, meal, and issues you faced. You can email us on or contact us on 9643377272.

15.How is your kitchen set up and precautions for COVID 19 ?
Our cloud kitchen whips up fresh food on a daily basis. Ingredients are bought fresh, cleaned thoroughly, chopped with perfection and then mixed in the right quantity to ensure taste consistency. The items are prepared daily, frozen and packed in our pouch's and then safely stored in our freezers. 

Covid 19 - Statement
We temperature check each employee, wear gloves & uniforms, wash hands at intervals. All our packaging is cleaned before final packing. 

16.Where can we send feedback about your product?
You can share it with us on our contact us page or submit using our google form

 17.What meat is used in Boring Foods Non-Veg Items ?

We currently use Halal meat as a standard protocol. If you have a requirement for Jhatka meat do let us know on 9643377272 and we will make a special batch for you. We respect all cultural and dietary requirements.

 18. How are the Non-Veg and Veg items prepared ?

We have two separate zones in our facility where we have designated teams for each product types. Everything from the facility, the team, kitchen staff, packaging is done in separate zones!

19. How do I make a formal complaint ? 

In case you have issue with our product, we are here to resolve the matter. Do fill up the complaint form and we will do our best to respond within 1-2 business days with a resolution. One of our agents may get in touch with you to further understand the issue. In case we find - we fell short of your expectation we will issue a refund to you. 

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