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Thank you for choosing to partner with Boring Foods. We are expanding our distribution channel and have enclosed the discount slabs and terms and conditions. We are giving discount basis the total number of boxes per order placed regardless of the mix.  We have frozen spring rolls and samosa’s. The actual discount will be sent to you post discussion and over email. 

Pls fill in the google link with your details and we will get in touch with you.



1.Flat Discount Slabs (Details will sent over email)

2.MOQ will be 10 and additional orders will be in increments of 10. You can order any SKU mix.

The discount will be applied on the total invoice value. A PO will be provided to the retailer.* GST not included

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change and will be notified.  

 This applies to the following :

Box - Retail, Shop-owners

-Per Box 

-Discount on Effective Rate ( Not including GST )

Terms and Conditions

1.We offer a flat discount on effective price as above.(not including gst) 

3.Item will be provided in boxes.

4.Company Profile / Director / Owner details will be required for registration in our system.

5.Product has shelf life of 90 days from day of manufacture. Best before 90 days for consumer. 

6.All payment is upfront. No Credit Terms. 

7.No Exclusivity on territory.

8.Standard delivery charge will apply and Boring Foods will deliver items. 2 days delivery timeframe will be required. This will be improved shortly.

9.No Returns if unsold / or retailer did not use freezer properly and product got spoilt.

10.Returns will be done if product is defective/packaging torn/ issue in product. To be informed within 1 day of delivery and we will replace the product.  

10.Support desk to be set up for any questions at partners@boringfoods.in (will be live by Nov1st)

11.All orders to be placed on partners@boringfoods.in – We will be providing you with a web-app for orders.

12.Full catalogue of products is available on www.boringfoods.in/collections/all


 Contact Point : Whats-App :+91-9643377272

Email : partners@boringfoods.in

Phone : 011- 40556727

 Updated Nov1st, 2020


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